In our desire to change the teaching landscape we have developed a number of tools to facilitate the learning process.

We aim to offer interactive online classes where students in groups of around 10 will have live video classes with the instructor where they will not only be able to interact with the instructor but will also be able to interact with their peers.

In our focus to offer quality education with accessibility and affordability, we provide students with a range of courses they can choose from. We have divided our courses into the following:
Interactive Online Classes: These are based on the “One student Class” model. We provide student a list of tutors they can choose from based on their profile and experience as well as availability. The class is conducted in a virtual classroom which allows for one on one interaction along with visual aids.
Non- Interactive Classes: These are pre-recorded course lectures which are available to students round the clock as per their convenience. This allows for far more flexibility and convenience than any other teaching method. The lecture are optimized for clarity and understanding with each topic being tested in a quiz with instant results. This allows you to manage your performance and learn on your own pace and time.

We will also have a dedicated portal with a number of unique features present such as:

  • It will work as an online repository of resources and content
  • Students will be able to monitor their own performance
  • Instructors will be able to conduct online tests which will be graded
  • There will be a monitored dedicated forum where students can interact amongst themselves, upload content, ask questions, and help each other.
  • Students will also be able to request one on one meetings with the instructors where they can discuss relevant issues and problems.

We encourage an environment where the students can learn at their own pace and interact with their peers to collectively solve problems. Smaller classes with access to better resources and quickly quantifiable performance evaluation is something that makes us stand apart from the rest.